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Very very funny.

Another great part of the Sheriff Benson series and I sure enjoyed it. The humor is great and the idea of using the back to the future car to go back in time was just briliant. Once again the graphics are very well done and eye pleasing.

Keep up the very solid work!

P.S. I can't believe no one has given you a 10 yet, so here ya go, you deserve it :D


It is such a piece of crap submission but I loved it soooooo much. I just find spam hilarious sometimes and well having 5 spamalicious things in one collab is just beautiful. I would love to hear another one of these :D

Still ROFL!

Piclownjews responds:


I liked it.

Very well done. The graphics are smooth and shujinku's accent was a good touch. Will there be a sequel coming soon?

And once again goodjob

Bezo responds:

Shujinko's voice has changed so much since I started doing KOTK and this. It's become less like Max Crawford and more like a raspy imitation of Omahdon, the voice actor. Yes, there will be a sequel. The coming soon part I'm not so sure about. This Flash took me more than 6 months to finally finish (granted, I wasn't working on it all the time and ]{0MBAT took up most of my productive Flash hours with KOTK) and with school starting up in just 9 days I'm really not sure how much free time I'm going to have. Thanks for the 9. I appreciate the people who take the time to review.


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Very fun and addictive.

I enjoyed playing this very much and it was tough aswell. It really challenges your mind and that is good in a game.

I was only able to find one thing wrong about this and that was that when you're playing avoid balls you can just go to the very far left wall and just stay there and never get hit.

Other then that one thing this is great and I hope you come out with another version of this game that is somehow better.


Well I was able to beat it in one try without even using the special weapons (didnt no the button) but still a very good game, looking forward to the next mission. (Chris_Aldin will have a massive review coming in soon.)


Just absolutely great.

I make movies with the X Aldin crew. Film and editing are what I do i guess......

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